Dear Reader,

I’m back from fishing out in the woods, and it looks like my Penny Nation crew caught a big winner!

Since March 17, we’ve held on to our FUBO May 20, 2022 $8.00 Put – and it is finally paying off.

As of the show this morning, this position was up over 195% since we entered, and at the time of writing this, I’m happy to report it is now above a 227% gain!

That’s assuming you bought in at the time my Penny Nation crew did – at the $1.49 price point upon a signal from our technical indicators.

We spotted it testing its traders’ trend lines and took immediate action during our members-only F.A.S.T. SCAN session.

And like FUBO, the rest of the market is continuing to slide down the “slope of hope.”

It’s not something to worry about per se – as long as you know how to position yourselves at a time like this.

That’s something I clue my Penny Nation and Night Trader crews into each and every trading day.

And with so much bearish activity the past few weeks, I feel it is my duty to tell you where this market is going next.

As much as people like to believe their money is safe with some of America’s top companies, allow me to explain why that may not be the case.

Zombie Trades

“What are they?” you ask…

We talked on Thursday about how intertwined companies like Apple, Amazon, Google, Exxon, and others are with ETF booms or busts.

That tells me they are all at risk of being prey to zombie trade activity.

Even if most everyday investors are still planning to hang on to these stocks individually, they are also selling off their ETF holdings as the slide down that aforementioned “slope of hope” continues.

And since many of the top funds hold large percentages of America’s largest players in their portfolios, when people sell their stake, they are contributing to losses in each of these companies.

This happens without most people even realizing it, and that’s why I call it “zombie activity.”

It is exactly how the boulder starts picking up momentum.

That is exactly why I broke my own rule and shorted Apple Inc. (AAPL) last week.

And between you and me, I’m sure you could do it again this week and still see some amazing gains.

That said, there is a bevy of stocks under those ETFs that we don’t hear about as much which are about to get smashed too.

It is a whole trove of potential plays that my Night Trader and Penny Nation crews are about to access soon!

Look – Bear Markets Are My Bread and Butter

Recently, 14 out of the last 15 trades my Night Trader crew has closed have been winners!

Just take a look at the data I pulled from my portfolio tracker…

Look – this earnings season has been really good to us.

And that’s because of how we’re following the technicals and spotting those big opportunities below the top-line stocks.

I don’t want you missing out on what is in store while we continue in this bear market environment.

And since the Dow just shed 400 points, I think it would be super fun to give you discounted entry into the private Night Trader community.

I’m slashing $400 off any Annual membership and $800 off any Lifetime membership if you call Gabe and his team right now…

Call before time runs out on this special discount: 877-212-9163

Top Stocks under $10

And every day, I like to leave you with the top stocks under $10 – the ones with the most active options activity.

It is the best place to get started when you’re on the hunt for new trading opportunities.

Here it is…

You’ll see some of my strongest signals highlighted in green, yellow, and red – indicating their directional momentum each day.

I’ll be back tomorrow with another market update.

Wishing you all the best trading success.

Until then,

Chris Johnson
The Penny Hawk


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