When you find a stock that the rest of the market is ignoring…

One with great fundamentals and strong technical trends…

It’s like finding buried treasure.

That’s exactly what we’re doing today.

So get those metal detectors out because I’m going live in half an hour to sift through the market and find the best stocks of the day.

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I’m just going to say it – the market is not looking opportunistic right now.

With each passing day, I’m getting more confirmation that we must remain cautious of this stock market.

But even in a market like this, there are still fundamentally sound trades that we can make.

Fundamental soundness is the seventh Penny Hawk commandment.

Of course, it’s especially important to follow this commandment in an unpredictable market.

And today’s Penny Hawk side trade is one of the most fundamentally sound trades I currently see.


I can not believe nobody is talking about Flutter Entertainment (OTCMKTS: PDYPY).

When it comes to the gaming sector, everyone talks about Penn National Gaming, Inc. (Nasdaq: PENN) or DraftKings Inc. (Nasdaq: DKNG).

But PDYPY is the most fundamentally sound trade in the entire industry!

This company owns Fanduel and a ton of other online gambling outlets.

Shares are currently trading at $100 but they’re getting ready to make a nice breakout move towards the $130 level.

Which is why I’m making this a Penny Hawk side trade.

What’s the difference between a “side trade” and an “official trade” you ask?

All my official trades must meet a certain set of requirements.

In this case, the only reason PDYPY is a side trade – instead of an official trade – is because of the 3-figure price.

If it were a $10 stock, this would be a Penny Hawk official trade I feel comfortable recommending to everyone.

But because of the $100 price tag, I’m making PDYPY a side trade.

If you’d like to play this company, I’d recommend you purchase somewhere along the $100 range and add a 10% trailing stop when shares hit $110.

At the very least, this will ensure you get at least a 10% profit if the stock pops.

If you like these side trades, I give them out all the time to my Night Traders.

There are plenty of amazing trading opportunities that I pass along to my Night Traders on the side.

They might not fit the full criteria of an official recommendation but they are fundamentally sound, technically strong trades that are worth adding to your portfolio.

Flexibility is profitable in the stock market and that’s why I like to give so many trades recommendations.

Of course, this system doesn’t work for everyone, which is why I highly suggest you call the dedicated phone concierge to see if the Night Trader research service is right for your particular needs.

You can call them at 1-877-211-3024.

Until next time,

Chris Johnson


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