I’m coming back from my ski trip.

I hope you didn’t miss me too much.

As we make the long journey home, I can’t help but think about life.

Of course, this is natural.

When you’re completely exhausted after a long week of having fun… it only makes sense that you look back at your life while you return home.

I couldn’t help but appreciate the ability to take a ski trip.

So many Americans are trapped in an endless cycle of financial turmoil.

No matter how hard they work, they just can’t escape.

That’s why we trade penny stocks.

The low price of these stocks means we don’t have to commit too much money per share.

Meanwhile, these stocks tend to outperform the rest of the market during unpredictable/bearish times like we’re currently seeing.

That’s why I say that right now is the best time to trade low-dollar stocks.

But I know that trading stocks can be scary.

Which leads me to my point… trading is a lot like skiing.

Let me explain.

At the beginning, people think skiing requires insane athleticism and intuition.

But that’s not true at all.

The only thing you need to do to ski is balance.

If you can balance, you’ll make it down the mountain in one piece.

It’s the same for trading.

There’s simply no reason to get too bullish or too bearish with our trades because we can profit either direction.

So, all we have to do is “balance” our portfolios and position ourselves to come out on top no matter which way the market moves.

If we balance well, we make it through the year safely and profitably.

That’s what I do for you in Penny Nation.

This trading research service is designed to help you “find your balance” and trade low-dollar stocks profitably.

If you really want to level up your trading this year, I recommend you check it out.

Click here for the full details.

Until next time,

Chris Johnson


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