Humanity has used metal and steel for thousands of years for tools and swords.

But in the 1800s, mankind mastered the large-scale, mass production of metal, thus kicking off the Industrial Era.

After 200 years, we are alive to witness the next evolution of industrial metal.

Digital 3D metal printing is here.

And right now we can invest in this economy-changing revolution for just $0.09.

The company is 3DX Industries, Inc. (OTCMKTS:DDDX).


Remember what I always say – the trend is your friend!

Take a look at DDDX over the past few months…

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Notice how the Bollinger bands (pink lines) have closed in and remained in the $0.08 to $0.12 range.

They’ve stayed in this range for the past three months.

The volume (red and green bars at the bottom) has also moved in a consistent pattern that ebbs and flows with the stock price.

This gives us an easy way to position ourselves for a very predictable profit.


Like I said earlier, the volume is coinciding with the stock’s price.

Right now volume is at a low but it has started to build positive momentum again.

So, we’re going to use the Bollinger bands to determine our entry and exit points because DDDX has been trending within this range for the past three months.

Here’s what to do…

Buy DDDX for a limit of $0.09. Sell once stock hits $0.12.


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Until next time,

Chris Johnson


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