I’m starting to get a funny feeling about this market, almost a sense of déjà vu with everything that’s going on…


Are you? 


Well maybe I’ll be able to enlighten you on why I feel this way and even change your mind.


But first I want to cover some house keeping.


With all of the changes that we’ve made I want to try to be more consistent about the content that I’m bringing you.


Most of you seem to like being able to see and hear me explain things.


 maybe it’s just easier to digest, or maybe my mug makes you think “Well if this guy can do it, I KNOW I can!”  


Regardless of the reason I’m going to start recording a short video (Like the one found below) each week and giving you a full rundown on what I’m watching this week, as well as a few tradable ideas to kick things off.


This week I have a few things on my radar – here’s a short list, just to name a few:


  • Buy-the-rumor/sell-the-news in the financials
  • Large-cap Tech getting brought back to earth with the Nasdaq rebalance  
  • seasonality, market breadth, and a whole myriad of other technical indicators 


Enough with my yapping, I already said I was gonna put it into the video, so let’s get into it:


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