The fun doesn’t end with Sunday night football!

I’m kicking it off at 10:30AM ET on Money Morning LIVE to talk about the markets and why my football team is better than yours.

All jokes aside, there’s money to be made and business to tend to.

I’ll be on in half an hour to help you trade the morning market.

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It’s the second-to-last week of Q3.

And I wanted to start the week off with a quick review of our Penny Hawk portfolio.

It’s always wise to go over our trades and I wanted to show you the way I review my trades.

Which is why I recorded a video going over our open positions, closed positions, and our positions that we’re waiting to enter.

Click the button below to watch the Penny Hawk portfolio review…

Everywhere I look, I’m seeing signs that we want to be on our toes.

We need to be ready to take action asap when the market makes a sudden move.

That’s why I send an email alert to my Night Trader subscribers whenever I see an immediate adjustment that we need to make.

In times like this, it doesn’t hurt to get on the boat and join a bunch of like-minded traders.

Whether a stock goes up or down, we can profit from the price movement through options, and I provide the exact entry/exit instructions.

I highly urge you to reach out and learn more about my trading research service, Night Trader.

Please call 1-877-211-3024 to see if Night Trader is right for you.

Until next time,

Chris Johnson


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