Dear Reader,

The market was in the red across the board this morning.

And that gave us a great opportunity to open a brand-new Fast Profits Friday trade.

Here are the details…

What is your first move when you get on an airplane?

Most of the time, I get connected to the Wi-Fi as soon as they allow those tray tables to come down.

You know me – always online searching for trades, even at 36,000 feet.

And looking around the plane on my way to Baltimore, I saw more business travelers than I have since the start of the pandemic.

And with airlines like United – one of the biggest players in corporate travel – beating earnings expectations, it should not surprise anyone that Gogo Inc (GOGO) is trending to the upside now.

That’s why we’re jumping in.

Remember, my Fast Profit Friday trades typically have a 4-6 outlook.

While that isn’t a long time at all, I know some of you are looking for trades that have the potential to move even faster.

And that’s where my dear friend and fellow trader, Tom Gentile, can help you out.

His Quantum Scripts work round the clock to scan the markets, picking off signals on the fastest moving stocks every day of the week.

He was just telling me about his breakthrough multidimensional technology that has the power to target fast moving stocks, detect price accelerations, and pick out optimized mega trades for a shot at windfall results.

It really blew me away and I suggest you check it out right now.

Just click here to learn more from Tom himself

Have a great weekend and we’ll catch up again next week.

Talk soon,

Chris Johnson
Founder, Penny Hawk


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