All right guys,

This morning we saw the Consumer Price Index (CPI) hit the tape and it came in on the tepid side which was quite encouraging for investors as they started to lift the tide of the market and lower expectations on continued Fed rate hikes.

With that said, we’re not out of the woods yet.

Take a look at the video I recorded below…

Although this seems like a good thing we have to be able to zoom out and find the weak point in the market to find the trade, right? 

Well, with inflation cooling that means interest rates could come down soon.

That’ll bring the dollar right along with it.

Some of you see where this is going (If you don’t it’s going long gold).

If you know how to trade it great, if you don’t that’s okay too, because in this video I’ll break down exactly what I’m seeing and how I’m planning on trading it:


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