Look, it’s no secret, I’m a notorious bear.

At least lately…

But, I’ve always told you that when the data changes – so will my opinion…

And I went over the data changes and my new stance on energy and oil earlier this week, if you missed it you can read the report right here.

In that report, I told you I was going to go over my best in the breed for the sector later this week, one of which is Baker Hughes Co (BKR).

I know, I know, what a reveal…

But there’s more to the story, and assuming you’re as excited for the weekend as I am, I want to make this simple.

So, I recorded a quick video to talk about the bullish case for oil, what it means for the energy services sector, and a breakdown of BKR and a few other notable stocks.

Check it out right here:

Don’t worry I didn’t forget to include the aforementioned trade.

After all, with a sector as explosive as energy, if there is a stock that stands out as the best in breed, how could we not trade it?

And rest assured, I know this is coming right at the close of the market today, if you don’t have time to get into it or you’re seeing it after the close, i’ve given room on the limit price so you’ll be able to get into this trade first thing Monday morning.

Talk to you then.


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