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As Penny Hawks, one of the indices we want to watch is the iShares Micro-Cap ETF (NYSE: IWC).

The IWC is the largest micro-cap ETF.

Although it doesn’t track the OTC markets, we can use it to gauge the temperature of the “risk on” trade.

Basically, the IWC helps us determine whether more buyers will enter the market.

Right now, it’s showing us that a potential bull rally breakout is around the corner.

Which is why today I’m going to show you how to watch this index from a technical viewpoint.


IWC shares have been seeing lighter volume as the index approaches its 50-day moving average.

This indicates that traders are on hold ahead of the shift into September trading. We will see a volume increase in September as the summer months come to a close and volatility starts to play a hand in the market.

As I’ve pointed out over the last few weeks, September trading is often more volatile for the S&P 500 and other broad market indices.

But the IWC actually sees a positive seasonality trend in September.

The positive volatility may be attributed to the fact that speculators are often early movers when it comes to buying, suggesting that we should see some interesting activity around the 50-day moving average over the next few weeks.

A close above the 50-day would be the first since June, just as the index kicked-off a 7% rally in just over a week of trading.

Watch for this technical trigger as it may induce a quick run of cash into the speculative markets.

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