Hey, there traders,

I sent you a report on my expectations for the Walt Disney Co. (DIS) earnings scheduled for next Wednesday. 

If you missed the report you can check it out right here

Save that report because there’s a TON of great info (Including the trade that I opened on the company ahead of earnings) but before you click on that link I want to give you even more detail on why this could be a killer trade.

Disney is in a danger zone ahead of its earnings next week. But the market doesn’t suspect a thing.

Actually, it’s just the reverse. They’re expecting everything and that’s why there’s a danger.

You see, during earnings season it all comes down to expectations

Actually Tom Gentile and I just recorded a podcast that talked about this exact topic – Yea I know, a podcast! I’ve been itching to start a podcast for the better part of a year and we’re finally doing it! I’ll send you some details on where you can find it, the schedule, and so on once we get it all locked down.

For now, you can check out the first one right here.

On to the more pressing matter – DIS earnings. I recorded a quick video breaking down my approach to earnings using my expectation analysis strategy and why DIS is the PERFECT example on how using the three pillars of a trade can make you some serious cash.

I just posted the video to the Money Morning Youtube Channel – check it out right here:


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