It’s Christmas eve!

This year sure has flown by.

Many Americans are currently traveling to meet their families.

If you’re also on the road, I wish you a safe and happy trip.

In the spirit of giving, I just wanted to remind you of Penny Nation.

When you join Penny Nation, you don’t have to wait for my daily eLetter to hit your inbox in order to get your next trade.

I’ll send my trades directly to your email inbox, and you can get text message notifications too.

I also host a private Penny Nation livestream where you can ask your questions without the general public butting in.

But the best part of Penny Nation has got to be the options.

Yes, in Penny Nation I’ll also send you the exact entry and exit price targets for options trades, and I’ll also give you the options ticker as well.

So all you have to do to position yourself for profits is just pick the ticker I give you, then buy it for the price I tell you to buy it at.

If you can follow directions, you can trade options the Penny Nation way.

You can see all the perks on this page, click here.

Until next time,

Chris Johnson


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