Dear Trader,

Remember being a little kid, excited about the holiday season?

School is out on winter break, hot chocolate awaits, and you got free gifts from all your relatives.

It truly is a magical time to be a kid.

Of course, the parents are the ones behind the magic.

Whether your children are little angels… or little demons… or even worse, teenagers

The holiday season is a busy time to be a parent.

Dare I say it… every season is a busy time to be a parent.

You’ve got to work, buy food, feed your family, and then clean up their mess…

It’s hard to juggle a full-time job, kids, and your investing.

Hard-working Americans are just too busy to do eight hours of research per day.

That’s why I started Penny Nation.

I wanted to give penny stock investors like you – who are also busy living their life and raising their children – a fighting chance in this market.

With Penny Nation, I’ve developed the complete technological infrastructure to send the best penny trades I see on the market, directly to your eyeballs.

You’ll get urgent email alerts and text message notifications, at any time of the day.

Whether it’s at 9:30AM or 3:37PM… if the market is open and I see an amazing trade, I’m sending it straight to you.

Not to mention, I also host private live sessions for all Penny Nation members, where I provide a detailed analysis of my trade recommendations.

And last but not least, I provide the exact entry price, exit target, and ticker symbol so all you have to do is “plug and chug” the numbers.

Modern technology has made it simple for me to send you my best trade ideas, immediately.

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to invest, this is a very great way to “earn as you learn” – click here for more details.

Until next time,

Chris Johnson


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