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As you may know, I love investing in the clean energy sector.

It’s because the transition is inevitable.

The technology is getting cheaper, and pretty soon we’ll be able to drive solar-powered cars.

Hell, imagine how quiet your mornings will be once solar-powered lawn mowers are mass produced!

Which is why today’s stock highlight is another clean energy stock… but there’s a catch.

It used to be a gold company, known as the Harmony Gold Corporation until 2012.

But the company’s leaders realized that being a first-mover in the renewable energy movement is more profitable than holding onto gold.

When a company’s administration prepares for upcoming trends like this, you know it’s a company worth investing in.

Today, they’re called Pure Energy Minerals Limited (OTCMKTS: PEMIF), and shares are trading around a buck.


Given the pullback and attention to the lithium and energy trade, we’re maintaining a close eye on the OTC market for opportunities and today’s scans hit a winner.

Shares of PEMIF have been consolidating into a tight pattern over the last two months. This trend has caused a tightening of the volatility bands, which are now signalling a “volatility moment” approaching for PEMIF shares.

January saw a similar pattern as the stock emerged from a two-month “quiet period.” The result: a 175%+ move that was driven by heavy flows of volume.

Recent volume trends have been light, indicating that the stock is likely to see some volatility, but a growing trend in volume indicates that the crowd is beginning to migrate into OTC names like PEMIF.

Shares just broke back above their rising (bullish) 50-day moving average, which is beginning to attract more buyers into the market.

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Buy PEMIF for a limit of $1.15 Add a 10% trailing stop when the stock hits $1.50.

A “trailing stop” is simply a percentage based stop-loss.

Instead of exiting the trade at a specific price, we set the stop at a specific percentage.

In this case, instead of exiting at $1.50… we set a trailing stop of 10%… this way we can chase bigger profits.

For example, if the stock reaches $5… then drops down to $4.50… our 10% stop-loss kicks in and we profit $3 more than if we set a hard stop at $1.50.

With today’s Penny Hawk trade, we’re investing in a forward-thinking company.

Like I mentioned earlier, PEMIF used to be a gold mining company, but they transitioned to lithium.

No doubt it’s because they saw that the future is renewable… and although gold is nice… newer technologies provide more profitable opportunities.

And there’s another company taking advantage of new technologies. But they’re doing it in a very traditional way.

The concept is genius.

So genius, in fact, that the legendary Shark – Daymond John – is heavily invested.

Whether it’s a Shark or a Penny Hawk… when we see a lucrative opportunity we move in for the kill.

Click here now for the bird’s eye view on this new company.

Until next time,

Chris Johnson


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