You know what always helps me shake off the “holiday hangover” after a long weekend?

Making some money.

That’s why I’m going live in half an hour to hit the ground running and find every profitable stock opportunity the market has to offer.

So let’s collect some cash and cure our holiday hangovers together!

Click here to join me on Money Morning LIVE at 10:30AM EST.


Anyone who trades understands that disobeying this one rule could spell financial disaster.

That’s why it’s my very first trading commandment.

There’s a reason it’s every trader’s maxim – because it’s true.

You probably know someone who – despite being a complete beginner at investing – managed to make more money in a few months than most people make in a year.

Well, it’s because they unknowingly followed this simple commandment.

The trend is your friend.

Newer investors usually think, “Well gee, everyone else is buying it so I might as well too.”

By following the trend they made a lot of money despite not truly understanding the fundamentals.

That’s why it’s the very first thing experienced investors look for.

This post-pandemic market has been extremely unpredictable.

But even throughout this past year, the trend has proven to be our friend.

In fact, dare I say it… the trend is our best friend forever.


Having like-minded investors as friends is a surefire recipe for expanding your profits.

We all have different experiences and perspectives which influence how we view the market.

You’ve seen Mark Sebastian on Money Morning LIVE, he’s a down-to-earth dude just like us.

And he’s prepared a very special presentation to reveal a simple trading strategy that he developed while working at the Chicago Board Options Exchange.

He focuses on a tiny corner of the market that Wall Street ignores.

I told him my Penny Hawks would eat that right up, we love leveraging little-known sections of the stock market.

And all of us have got a spot for his special online presentation on September 8 at 1PM EST.

Click here now to get your seat.

Until next time,

Chris Johnson


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