One of the reasons I like the over-the-counter (OTC) market is because Wall Street can’t play their shenanigans here.

Most major investment firms are prohibited from investing in these stocks.


Simply because the amount of capital they can invest can move prices dramatically.

Here’s one way they have used to influence prices – financial spoofing.

As you know, I’m a pioneer of algorithmic trading and financial spoofing was a disruptive practice used to manipulate prices.

Under the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act, spoofing is defined as “the illegal practice of bidding or offering with intent to cancel before execution.”

Basically, these firms created millions of bids for a stock at a certain price.

The algorithms pick up a huge buy order at this price… and then believes the price is changing… but at the very last minute the order is cancelled.

Basically, they were placing fake orders to move the market into their favor.

Believe me when I say, they have plenty of other tricks up their sleeve.

But inside the Night Trader trading research service… I use my algorithms to identify profitable options opportunities.

I use my decades of expertise to crunch the numbers and provide you the best possible trades I find.

In today’s stock market, you need this sort of machine trading in your arsenal.

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