The weekend is finally here, and with it we bid adieu to the last full week of September.

Including today, there are only 5 trading days left in Q3.

Which means it’s crunch time.

So grab your coffee and head over to Money Morning LIVE as we play the final countdown of Q3 2021.

Click here to join me at 10:30AM ET.


As you may know, I cracked my tooth while eating a bagel.

A bagel for crying out loud!

You know… I hate to say it… but my kids might be right.

I’m getting old.

Hell, I barely have any hair left on my head.

My cracked tooth is a reminder that our health is our absolute, utmost priority.

Of course, it’s hard to prioritize our health when the government’s actions could threaten our retirement fund.

Which is why today, I’m going to show you how I’m helping others prepare for a bear trap.


Our retirement, our pensions, and our savings seem to be at the mercy of a clueless Federal Reserve.

I started Penny Hawk because I wanted to help the average Joe protect his wealth from any misguided economic policy.

And I’ll be the first to say it – you can still make money in this post-Covid stock market.

There’s a bear trap brewing and it might not be pretty.

One of the best ways to do it is by trading options.

For example, in response to the Fed… this past week I recommended three call options to my Night Traders.

Two of these options have a November 19th expiration date – giving us two months to play this position.

The other has an October 15th expiration date – giving us a little under one month to play it.

Unlike stocks, options come with expiration dates.

I’ve also recommended five other trades last week, and I’m constantly giving entry/exit prices to my Night Traders.

It’s not too late for you to catch up on these trades.

In fact, now is the time we should start seriously preparing for a deep market correction.

It’d be wise to start putting together a “buy list” … or start trading with me at Night Trader.

Please call 1-877-839-7058 (or 443-353-4519 for international callers) to learn more about my most elite trading research service – Night Trader.

Until next time,

Chris Johnson


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