Human beings conquered the land, sea, and air when we turned oil into fuel.

But we’ve been using oil for centuries and the technology is getting outdated.

That’s the reason why so many clean energy companies are popping up.

From renewable energy sources… to electric vehicles… man has come to a historical turning point where we can recycle energy and use it over and over again.

Energy’s next big evolution is approaching and now is the time to invest.

But it can be overwhelming to invest in the overcrowded clean energy sector, which is why today I’m going to show you how to play this industry the Penny Hawk way.

As Penny Hawks, we’re going to target low-dollar stocks that aren’t overcrowded by news rumors. Check out our daily-updated Breakout Watchlist to see every stock on my radar today.

In this case, we’re swooping in to Neo Lithium Corp (OTCMKTS: NTTHF).


NTTHF shares are returning back down to a lower dollar price point. At the time of writing, shares are just below $4.

The stock recently made a volatility rally after breaking above $2.60. Volatility bands are also accelerating.

That rally has exhausted short-term buying power while taking the stock into overbought RSI readings. This action, along with a drop in volume, should see the stock begin another rally cycle that will start with a retracement to $3.00, which is where we are setting our limit price to enter a new position.

Volume continues to grow, telling us that NTTHF keeps attracting more buyers in a market that is generally slowing.

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This is a plus.

Also a plus is that the company is in the hot growth area of electric vehicles and alternative-energy materials.


Buy NTTHF for a limit of $3. Add a 5% trailing stop when the stock hits $3.60.

A “trailing stop” is simply a percentage based stop-loss.

Instead of exiting the trade at a specific price, we set the stop at a specific percentage.

In this case, instead of exiting at $3.60… we set a trailing stop of 5%… this way we can chase bigger profits.

For example, if the stock reaches $5… then drops down to $4.75… our 5% stop-loss kicks in and we profit $1.25 more than if we set a hard stop at $3.60.

Tomorrow I’ll be going over another trade that we can “upcycle.”

Meaning, we’re going to revisit the stock for another round of predictable profits.

Once again, I’m seeing another flashing bullish signal, and I’ll give you all the details tomorrow.

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Let’s face it, the past year has been wild.

The global economy was shut down, governments began infinitely printing paper, and we’re even seeing the Taliban take over a nation.

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Until next time,

Chris Johnson


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