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One theme loud and clear I keep hearing at the Summit is this: it’s a trader’s market. I’m glad to know you are here and following along with us because you need to learn the ideas being shared.

Because this bear market just isn’t over yet! Voz asked me what I thought we needed to see in the markets and here’s what I told her: “we need less stupidity.”

Check out this table and you’ll see what I mean. It’s a list of all the major analysts covering Disney (DIS) that have changed their recommendations any time so far this year.


Keep in mind that there are over 30 such analysts covering the stock, and that it was the WORST performing stock in the DOW in 2021. The WORST.

Rosenblatt threw its hat into the ring by initiating coverage this month. They set their price target for the stock at 177, even though the stock is currently trading below around $105.

Now THAT is what I call stupidity. Telling people that they can expect a 70% return from the worst performing stock in the Dow Jones Industrials, during the middle of a bear market, is just plain stupid.

That’s why it is not your Mom or Dad’s market. You cannot simply buy, hold and hope. Understanding how to make money in a traders market is as simple as tuning into Money Morning Live and checking out the live stream coming from the traders’ summit.

I am so honored when I see responses like this in the chat:

All you have to do is click the link below to join the action.

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