I’ll admit it, there’s a reason why I’ve been asking for all your stock questions.

It’s because I’m completely rebuilding my service to you.

There are big upgrades coming your way and I wanted to make sure that I cater to your financial needs.

There’s not much time left to get your questions in before the big upgrades start happening.

I do my best to answer every single question on Money Morning LIVE, and I’ll be on air in 30 minutes to answer your inquiries for today.

However, I get so many responses that there’s no way I can answer them all in just one hour!

But don’t worry because I will be addressing your deepest concerns in this Penny Hawk newsletter.

Of course, if you join my private group chat, there’s a higher chance I’ll be able to answer your question in a timely manner.

After all, in the group chat, only my elite Night Traders can post in it… so your questions won’t be drowned out by the noise.

Click here to learn more about my private group chat, and the other features that are only available in my elite Night Trader trading research service.

Until next time,

Chris Johnson


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