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The materials, metals, and chemical sectors are drawing buyers back into the market.

As you know, I’ve been focusing on the lithium trade lately.

But another chemical is moving up the trade rankings and it shows in the stock market.

Uranium companies are currently surging.

Which means we’re hopping in on this trend right now so we can grab the most profits possible.

Uranium is used to produce energy and is one of the many alternatives to coal and oil.

As alternative energy sources become cheaper to use, we’re seeing a new wave of clean-energy companies making explosive bull rallies.

One of these companies is Western Uranium & Vanadium Corp (OTCMKTS: WSTRF).


There’s simply no time to waste with this stock.

I’ve been watching WSTRF since June when the stock entered a wide trading range.

But now, things are changing over the short term as shares are breaking out into a new trend.

$2.50 has been a glass ceiling for the stock as we’ve seen staunch selling pressure, but the price of uranium (the actual mineral traded in the market) shot higher by more than 10% today.

The surge in commodity prices has created a strong tailwind for WSTRF to ride higher.

Shares broke through their top Bollinger bands (purple lines) today, indicating that we’re in the midst of a positive volatility moment which should lead to higher prices.

Not to mention, an escalating staircase of buyer volume is rising higher as the crowd swarms in.

My average volume line on the stock drew to a bottom last week and is now on the rise, indicating that the stock is likely to continue to see more buyers enter the market. Both the 20- and the 50-day moving average for WSTRF were broken recently and are now transitioning into a bullish trend.

Which strongly suggests there are big profits to be made in the next two to four weeks.


Buy WSTRF for a limit of $2.75. Add a 10% trailing stop when the stock hits $3.25.

We’ve got a short trading week coming up after the holiday.

The market is closed on Monday in observance of Labor Day.

But next Wednesday, my colleague Mark Sebastian is showing you how he handles shortened trading weeks.

He made his way up the ranks of the Chicago Board Options Exchange with a simple trading strategy that anyone can learn.

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No wonder short trading weeks mean nothing to Mark Sebastian!

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Until next time,

Chris Johnson


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