Good evening, 

CJ here.

You know every time we have a nice long weekend like we just finished, the first day back always feels like a break from being on break – it’s almost more refreshing to get back to work than it is to leave.

But as I was scanning the market over the weekend – mustard stains from the cookout still on my shirt – I just couldn’t be any happier, because the data is finally matching the market.

Hell, even Voz said on Trade the Close today that she didn’t want to hear about any short positions because the market is rallying and it doesn’t seem to be changing any time soon.

I’ve actually been trying to find a way to justify a short position (not that I want to be short, but the cracks in the foundation are where we can find some cash) and NOTHING is standing out as a reason to go short – except a few individual companies of course.

Seasonality is saving the day, the Market Breadth is pushing the upper limits, and economic data are all lining up to let this rally broaden its horizons and continue to push higher in the coming weeks.

I’m going to get working on giving you a TON more detail on the expansion of the rally including all of the data to back it up – I’ll have that to you tomorrow.

But first, there’s a “ Boom or Bust” level catalyst coming up that for some reason, nobody is talking about – earnings season.

The start of a new earnings season can be a massive driver in the market, or, it could cause panic and a catastrophic-adjacent downward spiral – either way we’re going to profit…

So today, to get this short – thinly traded – holiday week going, here are my top six companies to watch this earnings season: 

This list represents some of the earlier reporters and a cross-section of the economy that will start to shine a light on the health of the market early in the earnings season.

I will be watching them closely and it would behoove you to do the same…

Until tomorrow,



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