Dear Trader,

The Money Morning team is filled with professional trading experts from all walks of life.

You’ve got me, Chris Johnson, quantitative data analyst.

I made my name two decades ago as the pioneer of machine trading.

You’ve also got the true OGs (original gangsters) of the stock market as well.

For example, Shah Gilani, the man who helped create the VIX.

And I’m sure you’ve seen the Warlock, Kenny Glick, and implied volatility expert Mark Sebastian.

Let’s not forget Tom Gentile or our crypto expert, Nicholas Black.

What’s cool about Nick Black is that he used to be a gold investor until he saw how much more profitable Bitcoin was.

Every single morning, our crew of hedge fund managers and professional traders give you the no-holds-barred analysis of the day’s market movements.

We’re on every single morning on Money Morning LIVE to help you end the week with more money in your pocket.

Click here to trade with us while we’re live on air – it’s free.

Until next time,


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