Dear Traders,

I am in the process of closing out several profitable trades in this bear market move and I am happy to say that my subscribers are making money.

That’s why people chat in stuff like this:

You got a profit story? I want to hear it.

For now, I’m busy taking profits and making money. In fact I’ve closed out several triple digit gains just today.

This is why you REALLY should check out my offer is available all week. Check out these returns!

As I’ve been saying, it is still a bear market. Even last week when the market rebounded, I told you that I thought we would take another leg down.

Well here it is. And lucky for you, you captured gains from it. That is, you did if you were following my trades!

With the market heading lower, a lot of trades are moving into my neighborhood. These are the stocks slipping below $10 per share.
I shared this concept with my Penny Nation subscribers today, and I want to reiterate it here. When a stock slips below $10 per share, the possibility of it dropping further is very strong.

There’s a reason for that. Institutional investors tend to shy away from such stocks, so a big chunk of money flow simply dries up.

Check out this chart of Denny’s (DENN). You might like to eat there, but right now isn’t a great time to invest there.

However right now has turned out to be a fantastic time to trade there. Whether it be selling short on DENN or buying put options, there is a big opportunity here.

And the same goes for any stock slipping below $10. There’s a math problem that works in your favor on these trades.

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See a stock that drops from $10 to $9 is a stock that has fallen 10%, but a stock that falls from $9 to $8 has fallen 11.1%. Same $1 drop, but bigger percentage return.

That’s important because a stock that drops from $10 down to $6 has an accelerating return. That works in your favor if you know how to take the trade!

That’s what I’m offering to subscribers of Penny Nation and Night Trader.
So be sure to check out this offer and see about getting access for free for a week.

Talk soon,

Chris Johnson
Quantitative Specialist, Penny Hawk


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