Back in college, Thursdays were known as “thirsty Thursdays.”

I’m sure all of us have had breakfast at a bar before, oh to be young again!

Well, happy hours never end, and in 30 minutes I’m going on Money Morning LIVE.

So grab your coffee – or your beverage of choice 😉 – and let’s make some money.

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I’m taking a look at stocks and nothing is screaming at me right now.

In this sort of market, we don’t want to run at something unless it’s absolutely screaming.

So I fired up one of my other scanners, my Bollinger band scanner, and I noticed something big.

One of our current stocks is set for a huge bull rally.

It’s just like a rube goldberg machine.

You know, those crazy things that knock over a bunch of dominoes and marbles.

Well, just one tiny thing will kick this stock into motion!

Back in August, I recommended Pure Energy Minerals Limited (OTCMKTS: PEMIF).

At first glance, there might seem like nothing’s going on with this company.

But mark my words, every single technical indicator is indicating that PEMIF is about to soar.


I had to expand the chart to a one year frame, instead of my usual six months.

PEMIF has gotten itself into a sort of volatility crunch and nothing has been happening.

In fact, right now the stock is waiting for something to happen.

But every technical indicator is showing that shares should blow out starting next week.

The 20-day moving average, the 50-day moving average, and the 200-day moving average are all intersecting at the same level.

Not to mention, Bollinger bands are tightening to $1.16.

We haven’t seen anything like this since the beginning of August.

The entire situation is like a bubbling pot of soup with the kettle whistling loud.

Mark my words, PEMIF is about to pop.


Make sure to revisit my entry recommendations from August and get into this position.

If PEMIF hits $1.20, it should trigger the stock to rally up to as high as $1.50… maybe even $1.70.

When it starts rallying, we’ll see volume drive this stock even higher.

We’ve got overhead room and space to move, if you aren’t already in this position please make sure to get in now.

We’re playing a waiting game with every single technical indicator confirming the reason we’re in this stock.

During these unpredictable times, it’s imperative that we remain disciplined with our trading strategy.

We must stick to the plan no matter if stocks go up or down.

Like I’ve mentioned before, one of the best ways to profit during a dropping stock market is with put options.

In fact, I just recommended a put yesterday to my Night Traders and there’s still time for you to get in.

If you’d like to start playing puts for a profit, please call 1-877-839-7058 (or 1-443-353-4519 for international) to see if the Night Trader trading research service fits your personal investment needs.

Until next time,

Chris Johnson


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