It’s official, put trade season is here.

My scanners are picking up record amounts of put options, which means the data is confirming this market could start looking wobbly.

That’s why I’ve made a Google form on my personal Gmail, just so I can answer your questions more efficiently, click here to ask me your most pressing investing concerns.

Like I mentioned yesterday, I also do this for my elite Night Traders.

With the Night Traders, not only can I answer these submitted questions on Money Morning LIVE

I can also answer them in our private 24/7 group chat and our private livestreams.

I spend a lot of time with the Night Traders and that’s why we’re such a tight-knit family.

Look, if you’ve been meaning to diversify your trading and expand beyond penny stocks…

Why not join the Night Trader crew?

If you’ve been tuning in to Money Morning LIVE, you’ve already been hanging out with them on a daily basis!

I’ve already been sending out a slew of put trade recommendations, if you’ve been looking at puts now’s the time to join Night Traderclick here for more details.

Until next time,

Chris Johnson


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