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Sometimes, the market gives you another shot at a stock.

It actually happens a lot more frequently in the over-the-counter (OTC) market, as the ebb and flow of trading volume is more extreme than in the NYSE or Nasdaq.

Well, right now we’re in a situation where we can have another go at a $0.20 stock.

About two months ago, Business Warrior (OTCMKTS: BZWR) flashed on my screen.

I actually discussed it with my Night Trader crew.

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Well, after we talked about it, BZWR took off and swept shares almost 300% higher, at a peak just shy of $0.38.

Some of my Night Traders said they got in on that sweet cash… but I missed it.

But like I said, the market is giving us another shot at this trade.

And I love second chances.


BZWR has seen the “volume vacuum” and prices have dropped back down to $0.16.

But over the last two days, I got what I’ve been waiting for.

Share volume has started to bump up higher and now the stock is poised to blow past its 50-day moving average (green line). Of course, this is a bullish trend.

But the bullish keeps piling up.

The Bollinger bands (pink lines) are indicating that a volatility event is almost inevitable.

The trigger for this event?

The $0.20 level that it’s currently resting at, right on the button.

I’m expecting a break through this level and predict the stock will easily take $0.24.

From there, the next targets are $0.28 and $0.32.


Buy BZWR for a limit of $0.20. Add a 10% trailing stop when the stock hits $0.24.

I’ll be back here tomorrow with even more updates and new strategies from the over-the-counter market.

Until then,

Chris Johnson


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