I’ve been talking a lot about the Penny Hawks and Penny Nation because lately, this corner of the market has been extremely profitable.

But remember, when the market drops… low-dollar stocks aren’t the only things that are dropping.

Every single stock on the market is susceptible to a sell off.

For example, just a few days ago we saw Facebook fall off a cliff.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: right now is the time to trade put options.

Put trade opportunities are popping up more frequently.

In fact, I already recommended two new puts to my Night Traders this week.

I recommended a $3.80 entry price on the first trade and a $1.65 entry price for the second trade.

These are prices that anybody can take advantage of and I urge you to check these trades out.

Night Traders are aiming to profit no matter which way the market moves.

And if you want to expand your put trading to the big boy stocks, then I urge you to check out Night Trader.

Click here to learn more about my premier trading research service, Night Trader.

Until next time,

Chris Johnson


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