Trading options on low-dollar stocks has been one of the best ways to profit from this pandemic market.

I won’t censor the truth.

Stocks are moving unpredictably and there are no signs these wild price swings will stop.

That’s why I’ve been telling you that now is the time to expand your penny stock investing.

During a time when the government infinitely prints paper and inflation rears its ugly head… we must play both sides of the coin.

I firmly believe that the best way to make money off stocks this year is to use all your options.

There’s absolutely no reason to limit yourself to taking profits only when stocks go up.

By trading put options, you can also profit when stocks go down.

In fact, I release a stock watchlist every single Sunday, to show you which stocks I’m bullish on… and which stocks I’m bearish on.

Whether you favor the bulls or the bears, I want to make sure Penny Hawks profit both ways.

This way, you’ll be prepared to take advantage of any price movement.

Click here to see how you can start getting my penny options watchlist.

Until next time,

Chris Johnson


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