Grab the cake because August is over and we are sending it off profitably.

Join me on Money Morning LIVE in thirty minutes as we trade the last day of the month for any unique opportunities.

Not to mention, next week is Labor Day, which means we’ve got to earn some spending money.

I’m kicking it off at 10:30AM EST at the usual place.

Click here to join me on Money Morning LIVE.


Four days ago, I wrote about a promising tradeLightwave Logic, Inc. (OTCMKTS: LWLG).

This stock has absolutely skyrocketed.

At the time of writing, it’s is up 16% and it’s looking like shares will keep climbing higher.

Which is why I’m revisiting this stock today to make sure your profits are protected.

We’ll be protecting our profits with a trailing stop.

Please make sure to do this if you haven’t done so already.

This one move will ensure you get as much profit as possible from this play.

So with that said, please double check your trade on LWLG.

In my previous article, the instructions said to enter a 7% trailing stop.

Make sure you’ve got a standing 7% trailing stop so that you can get the biggest profit possible!

You know, these sorts of fast moves happen all the time.

It’s hard to quickly adapt to the market through a morning eLetter.

If you need realtime, up-to-the-minute trade alerts and recommendations, then you may be interested in my Night Trader research service.

Nowhere else in the world do I link up with you through a private chat room, email alerts, and private video calls with the NT crew.

We’re always hitting each other up about our active trades and sharing information with each other.

In fact, we’re pretty much a network of like-minded traders all focused on flipping the market for as much cash as possible.

If you’d like to see if this sort of detail-oriented service is right for you, please click here or call 1-877-211-3024 for more information.

Until next time,

Chris Johnson


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