Five New Stocks on the Breakout Watchlist

There are three things that tell us when a low-dollar stock is about to breakout:

A shift in momentum…

A bullish technical crossover…

And an increase in volume.

These are the criteria that will land a stock on our Breakout Watchlist.

On Friday, we added Western Magnesium Corp. (OTCMKTS:MLYF) to our Watchlist.

And breakout it did – over the course of the day, this low-dollar name rallied 40%.

We may not have had a position in this stock, but that’s just one example of the incredible, fast-moving profit power behind the penny stocks we’re highlighting every day.

Today, we have five new names to add to the Watchlist:

  1. BZWR
  2. MDCE
  3. RGBPP
  4. UNRV
  5. WSTRF

Want to see where these names stand today – and check out the rest of the penny stocks we’re watching?

Then check out our consistently-updated Breakout Watchlist right here.

And now, onto today’s highlight…

Penny Stock Highlight: MDCE

Today, we’re taking a closer look at Medical Care Technologies Inc. (OTCMKTS:MDCE).

Headquartered in Hong Kong, this $0.01 healthcare company opens and operates multiple children’s integrated health and wellness centers in China.

The stock first got a kick in early May of this year, jumping 100% over the course of the month as the stock went from $0.01 to $0.02.

That’s right – this stock moved only a cent, yet could have handed investors a 100% profit.

And now, it’s doing it again.

Let’s dive in…

Let’s Get Technical

Click To Enlarge
MDCE Feb-Present, courtesy of
I like the break of the Bollinger Bands (pink lines) on Friday, as the stock was moving back above its 50-day moving average (MA), represented by the green line.

Volume is on the rise again as well, which indicates the “crowd” is back on the radar – which is important, according to my 10 Commandments of Trading Penny Stocks.

A BB break, rising MA, and increasing volume? This stock has all the makings for a breakout back towards a target of $0.03.

And that move will translate to a 100%-plus jump in the stock – a stock-level increase that you won’t catch in the NYSE or the Nasdaq.

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I’ll be back tomorrow with another penny stock to share,

Chris Johnson

Penny Hawk


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