OTC stands for “over the counter.” Essentially, OTC trading occurs between two parties, whereas trading on the NYSE or the Nasdaq occurs via exchanges. It’s also home to many “penny stocks,” or stocks that cost less than $1.00. And it’s where some of the biggest stock gains occur day to day.

The stocks that we talk about in Penny Hawk are all under $10. Typically, cheaper stocks tend to make bigger moves. Think about it – for a $0.10 stock to double, it only has to gain 10 cents. But for a $50 stock to double, it has to gain $50. 10-cent swings happen all the time. $50 swings, not so much.

Because these stocks are cheaper, big price swings are more common. And in order to make money on a stock, it has to move.

This is a false narrative pedaled by Wall Street. But I’d be lying if I said I don’t understand where it comes from. Trading penny stocks can be dangerous, sure. If you’re simply adding stocks to your portfolio with no rhyme or reason, that is.

But I’ve been studying these stocks’ moves for years, and I’ve discovered a technical pattern behind these stock moves. That’s what I’m here for – to help you weed out the dangerous junk stocks and find the big winners. And I use a reliable, tested, and proven technical analysis to do just that.

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