Dear Trader,

Have you seen how our summer side portfolio is doing? Well, I want to give you a bit of an update so far we have put 4 new positions on in the past week since starting our Energy Attack Plan. Basically I just want to help you get your gas money back and have some extra money in your pocket. Consider it my early birthday present.

Of course we are planning to add many more positions to our side portfolio, some of the ones we have currently are names like…

Chris Johnson

  • NOV
  • MPC
  • XOM
  • PSX

There are plenty more to come. My goal is to do 2-4 additional new trades a month in the energy sector. This is on top of the normal Night Trader recommendations. I promise if you havent joined the crew yet you are going to regret it.

I’m going to make this quick because you have some well-deserved relaxation time to get to.

We closed half of the position on Phillips 66 for right around a 40% gain. The second half is still up, we will be looking to ride that position for a bit and see how it plays out.

Marathon Petroleum is sitting up 15% and counting. Remember we are playing these with time to spare seeing a 15% gain in the first week has me feeling a bit giddy.

Nov Inc. is still the front runner being up 70%. That trade is QUICKLY turning into a real heavy hitter.

Last but certainly not least, Gabe has his big brain play on Exxon Mobil really starting to flex its muscle (kind of like Gabe after he finishes his morning 15 mile warm up) is already up 30%.

We are really batting 1000 on the energy trades right now and from where I stand it looks like we are hitting our stride and not looking back.

In case you missed it Mark joined us again on Thursday for an update if you are in my Night Trader service you replay is available to you here. If you are not in the service yet, what are you doing… these trades speak for themselves. Once you come to grips with how much value the service brings you can join here and the replay will then be available to you.

We are also starting to see some companies pull into the stall from an oversold position. They are due for a dead cat bounce and that is a trade I’ll gladly take a few call positions for.

Last thing, then you can go enjoy your weekend. This week we have an old friend of mine joining us on the Night Trader so we can get his insight on the next energy play we need to watch. You might know him actually. Kind of a quiet under the radar kind of guy by the name of Tom Gentile.

I have known Tom for years not and truly respect his opinion on things so if you don’t have access to the private room make sure you get in before Wednesday its going to be one for the history books am sure.

Talk soon,

Chris Johnson
Quantitative Specialist, Penny Hawk


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