Dear Traders,

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I thought the CPI numbers were going to be high impact, but this surprised even me. Imagine with me for a second.

Suppose your favorite action movie features a scene where there is a bomb. And further suppose the bomb has a timer-which is already counting down by the time the lead character arrives.

Familiar trope, right? Now suppose that bomb explodes just about when the timer reaches 4:11 left.

That’s what happened Thursday. About an hour before the market, price exploded to the downside with little or now warning.

THAT was the moment institutional traders decided they could not afford to be long the markets heading into the inflation news. The risk was simply too great.

They were right to be concerned.

The S&P 500 fell more than 5% before holding a show of support near 390. But notice that it closed on its low for the day.

That’s because the CPI numbers were genuinely bad news. Analysts had been expecting a .7% increase in prices over the previous month but the report came in with a shocking 1.0% increase, implying an 8.6% annual rate.

So the market did what a bear market does: drops down and draws red. While professional investors bleed out, you can be glad we had you covered.

As I mentioned in the room, the fact that we are playing FUBO to the downside makes me happy. I don’t want to brag but FUBO was down 12% today.

Okay? 12%! We probably don’t want to get greedy. I’m thinking a partial profit is a good idea. Some traders are up 30% in that trade.

Where you going to get this kind of a trade? Penny Nation. Where else?
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Talk soon,

Chris Johnson
Quantitative Specialist, Penny Hawk


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