I’m going live in 30 minutes to jumpstart September trading.

The market is open. Stocks are rallying.

And I’m going to help you identify the best stocks of autumn.

September is the last month of Q3 and opportunities are bound to present themselves.

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I hate to say it… I was right about Bombardier, Inc. Class B (OTCMKTS: BDRBF).

Last week I broke down the technicals of this name and recommended an entry price target of $1.30.

But this entry was a bit too low and this stock started taking off.

If you weren’t able to get into this trade, don’t worry, because we’re updating our position right now.

There’s still room for BDRBF to climb up to $1.55… which would give us a nice 25% – 50% return.

As I like to say, there’s room overhead for clearance and this stock has plenty of space to rally higher.

Especially because we haven’t seen the crescendo volume yet.

Everything else we discussed last week is in place. Nothing has changed except the price went up and there’s no reason to believe we still can’t grab a quick profit.


Adjust BDRBF for a limit price of $1.40. Enter a 10% trailing stop when the stock hits $1.55.

Timing is everything in the market.

Which is why you want to position yourself for profits very early, so that you don’t miss the wave.

I’m sure every investor agrees, those who make big gains – profits that are much larger than the amount invested – made all that money because they were the early birds.

As Penny Hawks, we’re getting into these stocks much earlier than the rest of the market.

But if you want to know how to trade NYSE or NASDAQ stocks… then it may be time to consider the Night Trader research service.

It is the most elite service I offer, with more recommendations… earlier alerts… and timely updates.

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One of our other trades, Lightwave Logic, Inc. (OTCMKTS: LWLG), was stopped today at a profit.

My records show me we made a 38.61% gain, not too shabby.

Considering the S&P 500’s annual 10.7% return, we made over 3x more money in four days than what the market makes in a year.

Congratulations Penny Hawks!

We’re not done scoring profits just yet.

I’m on the hunt for the best stocks available and will keep you updated on the most profitable opportunities.

Until next time,

Chris Johnson


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