Good morning, Penny Hawks!

Any of you who tune into the morning show know my preferred grocer is none other than THE Kroger (KR).

And their executives can thank me for single-handedly rocketing their earnings into the stratosphere due to my Kroger-brand frozen waffle addiction.

Ok, jokes aside, KR jumped over 11% to $55.10 during trading hours yesterday – and if you caught my bullish Kroger side trade, I want to hear about it here!

That’s why you should tune into my 10:00 a.m. (ET) LIVE session, where I’m rollin’ hot off my new dirt bike (thanks, Brandon!) and into the trading chair.

I’ve even got a new Fast Profits Friday trade ready to go for you when you join the action.

And speaking of action…

Despite my optimism around KR, I still fear a looming Bear Market, and there are plenty of actionable trades on the short side for us, too…

In fact, yesterday, right around the open, I spotted unusual activity on Southeast Asian rideshare company Grab Holdings (GRAB), following a disappointing quarterly earnings report.

I discussed buying $5-strike put options, which were at the money at that time, as I expected more GRAB losses…

Unfortunately, I just missed the fill, as put option prices blew past our limit price.

But if YOU were lucky enough to get in, GRAB dropped nearly 40% by the close!

Daily chart of GRAB – March 3, 2022

So let me live vicariously through you and tell me all about it right here… I may even feature it on a future show!

And hey – we’re real traders, trading in real time. Things like this happen.

But you can’t let FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) destroy you. Sometimes traders need to pick themselves up, eat a frozen waffle, and go fishing for more trade opportunities the next day.

That’s exactly what I plan on doing today

And trust me, there are PLENTY more GRABs in the sea right now – and I’m looking to reel in some big whales with my Penny Nation crew today and beyond.

Talk soon,

Chris Johnson
Quantitative Specialist, Fast Profits


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