It’s CJ here and you already know what I like to do on Wednesday morning.

I like playing stocks to make serious cash while sitting on my computer.

So get in your most comfortable chair because I’m going live in 30 minutes to trade the morning market.

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As you may know, I love the lithium trade because the clean-energy sector is highly lucrative.

Of course, we can find lithium stocks in the over-the-counter markets as well.

Today, I’m going to discuss a familiar name.

The last time I recommended a trade in Neo Lithium Corp (OTCMKTS: NTTHF), it took off.

In fact, a few Penny Hawks wrote to me that they weren’t able to get into the stock.

Well, don’t worry, because we’ve got a second chance to play NTTHF.

Call it a second chance… double opportunity… whatever you like but the fact of the matter is we can position ourselves for another round of profits.


The 50-day moving average (MA) is trending higher and providing support for the stock at the $3.30 price range.

Meanwhile, the 20-day MA – aka the trader’s trendline – is bullish and adding support to current levels.

Given the volatility we’ve seen, we may see a dip below the 20-day in the short term.

But there’s a technical bonus that’s alleviating my concerns about a drop.

That’s because of the volatility bands.

Volatility has slowed since mid-August but now they’re tightening up, as seen by the pink lines in the graph.

This strongly suggests that a volatility event is incoming, and we should see the stock’s movement accelerate higher to the $4 level.

In addition to this volatility expansion, volume is on the rise, indicating that the market is starting to notice this stock.

Which means any volatility move could be accelerated by an increase in trading volume as investors feel the FOMO and chase this stock higher.


Buy NTTHF for a limit of $3.75. Add a 7% trailing stop when the stock hits $4.00.
You know, the best time to re-enter a position is as soon as possible.

That’s exactly why I started Night Trader.

So that I can provide the latest updates to any trade, in case we need to adapt to the market.

For example, here are two trade adjustments I sent out back in July.

Action #1 to Take: Adjust the target profit on the AAL August 20, 2021 $22.00 Puts (AAL210820P00022000) to $3.60 – a 50% profit.

Action #2 to Take: Adjust the target profit on the AAPL August 20, 2021 $145.00 Puts (AAPL210820P00145000) to $5.40 – a 50% profit.

Does this sort of active investing, where I send you the exact entry and exit targets… as well as any urgent adjustments… fit into your investing strategy?

You can discuss Night Trader and see if it’s right for you with our dedicated phone concierge.

Please call 877-839-7058 (or 1-443-353-4519 for international) for more details.

Until next time,

Chris Johnson


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