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I’m in the air on a plane and I just couldn’t help but share some thoughts.

You know, when the seatbelt light comes on and you’re instructed to strap in… you can’t help but think about the worst.

The plane is leaving the ground and from this point forward you are at the mercy of the sky.

Of course, American aviation standards have created a very safe flying environment.

But you don’t think about that when the thing is taking off.

You’re just thinking, “This pilot better be good at his job!”

After all, that’s what his job is – to make sure you get home alive.

I hate to put myself on a pedestal, so to speak, but that’s how I view myself as a Penny Hawk.

Unlike Wall Street, who can sit in their fancy planes and cruise through a storm.

We Penny Hawks are flapping our wings in the wild open, and I am the pilot of our flock.

And I just wanted to let you know that even on a plane, I’m working for you.

I’ve got something that I think Penny Hawks will especially enjoy.

Because when you’re in a stock market storm… sometimes the best thing to do is follow the big boys.

I’m talking about the financial institutions who know how to squeeze money out of any market.

The best way you can follow institutional investors into the exact trades they’re making, at the exact same time, is with Andrew Keen’s S.C.A.N.

He used his CBOE knowhow to develop a window into Wall Street’s favorite trades.

For the Penny Hawk who wants to siphon some of Wall Street’s profits, this is definitely the way to do it.

Click here to learn more about Andrew’s S.C.A.N. system.

Until next time,

Chris Johnson


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