It’s the last Monday of August and it’s a fine day to make some money.

I hope you’re well rested from your weekend shenanigans because we are back in action in 30 minutes on Money Morning LIVE.

Today, I’m going to do what I do every single morning – show you all the profitable opportunities that I currently see on the market.

Let’s end the month on a profitable note.

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You may know by now that I’m all about the renewable energy sector.

And if you check the Breakout Watchlist, you probably noticed that American Battery Metals Corp (OTCMKTS: ABML) has been on my radar for over a year.

Well, after an entire year, we can finally move into this name.

This is a purely technical play.

For all this time, I’ve been looking at the data, and now the data is giving us the green light to swoop in.

Simply put – the stock woke up and we need to make our move now.

Which is why even though there’s no news or rumors surrounding ABML, we’re adding this stock to our Penny Hawk portfolio.


The data on ABML shows me that the market has suddenly started to shift into buying mode after months of selling.

So we’re trading the pure facts.

On Friday, ABML rallied to its 50-day moving average and its top Bollinger band. A break above these two “lines” wil fuel another round of buying, regardless of any positive news that may flow through the headlines.

Additionally, the stock has potential to break above its bullish 200-day moving average on the same move. Taking out the 50-, 200-day and top bollinger band will be a bullish price signal.

The market has picked-up on that price shift as volume has triggered a level of relative buying that we haven’t seen since May, when the stock formed a similar formation and rallied an additional 40% over one week’s time.

The current technical picture is not without fault as the stock’s 50-day moving average is in a bearish trend which is why we will be watching the stock closely for follow through over the next two days.


Buy ABML for a limit of $1.75. Add a 7% trailing stop when the stock hits $2.20.

August is ending and you can really feel the seasons changing.

It’s time to whip out those fall jackets!

As we welcome autumn, one can’t help but reflect on the changing seasons of our lives.

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Until next time,

Chris Johnson

Night Trader


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